El Niño Lottery Draw - Stick with your dreams

Leo Burnett Spain - 2016

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In Spain one of the most expected event during Christmas holidays is the “el Gordo” lottery. It happens on December 22. After that raffle people tend to leave the hope on wining a prize on lottery away for a while but, there is also other raffle that rewards as much as “El Gordo” and it happens right after christmas, on Children´s day: The "El Niño" Lottery Draw.

We wanted put The "El Niño" Lottery Draw. back into people´s mind reminding them that they can´t lose hope. 

And we did it through a tv spot and radio campaign that showed a dream insisting on someone since the protagonist already stopped insisting in his dream.

So next time remember: Stick with your dreams. Because your dreams wont stick with you forever.